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Atlas is a vetted membership community for entrepreneurs looking to excel as AI consultants.

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Why Atlas?

Join our dynamic community of forward thinkers and empower mid-market businesses with cutting-edge AI. Deploy intelligent, Alexa-like agents to local enterprises.

Lucrative AI Consulting

Launch your AI consulting practice and monetize conversational AI with Atlas. Seize the rising demand for AI expertise and capitalize
on a thriving market for a profitable venture.

Cutting-edge AI tech

Access cutting-edge AI technology with AtlasGPT. Intelligent, advanced Alexa-like AI agents that can power both voice and text conversations, staying at the forefront of innovation to deliver exceptional solutions to your clients.

Empower businesses

Thrive with Modern AI Solutions. Become part of a movement that empowers mid-market businesses with powerful AI tech. Enhance customer interactions, boost efficiency, and drive growth for local enterprises to harness the true potential of AI.

Join Atlas today and unlock the power of AI for local enterprises. For a limited time, massively reduced JV fees.

You can earn $400k+ helping clients:

  • Convert more customers
  • Cut costs, increase the bottom line
  • Boost revenue with AI
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Atlas, Empowering businesses with a suite of Innovative AI tools.

Use AI to help clients convert more customers, cut costs and boost valuation.


Your Alexa-like business agent. Conversational AI infrastructure to help businesses convert more customers, cut costs and increase revenue.

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Boost Valuation

You don't need expensive M&A advisors, Atlas network gives you direct access to the world's top advisors who help increasing valuation of your business and exit.

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Atlas is a unique platform that allows you to launch a lucrative AI consulting practice, deploying cutting-edge AI tools to local enterprises.

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